Sunday, 26 February 2017

2016 League Cricket Conference (LCC) National Cricketers of the Year

Garth Davson of High Wycombe, the top batsman in the HCPCL 1st Division in 2016, has been selected as one of the five inaugural Neil Edwards Memorial Award (NEMA) Cricketers of the Year. 

In memory of Neil's service to the LCC it was decided that there should be five LCC league cricketers of the year awards made – in some ways mirroring the five Wisden players announced each year in the professional game. The players the LCC will consider will, however, not be from overseas or contracted to a first class county.  The awards are to be presented at the LCC luncheon on 11th of March when an overall winner will be announced.

The five award winners for 2016, in alphabetical order, are:

Chris Ashling – Bowdon C.C. (Cheshire Premier)

David Ball – Dorridge C.C. (Birmingham Premier)

Garth Davson – High Wycombe C.C. (Home Counties Premier)

Lee Hodgson – Marske C. C. (North Yorkshire & South Durham Premier)

Matt McKiernan – Leigh C.C.  (Liverpool & District Premier) 

 Davson will not however be returning to High Wycombe for the 2017 season

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